Falun Whitewater Park will be the first whitewater venue for tourism, recreation and sport in northern Europe.

Everyone loves the thrills of moving water!

The whitewater course is surrounded by a pleasant park, great for relaxing and other "dry" activites. Bring your family!

A cafeteria, a store for whitewater equipment, and of course changing rooms with all amenities. It's all there!


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Experience different activites in Falun Whitewater Park

Canoe slalom

Canoe slalom is an olympic discipline and a great way to learn paddling. The park will suit all levels - from beginners to top athletes. Start on the lake and progress into slow moving water. One day you can paddle in whitewater on the highest water flow!


Freestyle is acrobatics in whitewater. Surf a wave or a stopper in the river, set up your big move and throw a loop or a cartwheel. Falun Whitewater Park has excellent playspots, and you can take the lift back up again while resting.

River running

Play in the river, paddle downstream as fast as you can or try to surf the biggest waves! All kinds of whitewater kayaking is at home in Falun Whitewater Park. Bring your own boat or rent one in the park. 

Hot Dog

Paddle down the river in an inflatable kayak called a "Hot Dog". Stable and easy for beginners.


A raft is an inflatable rubber boat. Our rafts take four to six people. Bring your whole family! 


Want to get as close to the water as posssible? Take a swim down the river wearing flippers while holding on to the riverboard. Guaranteed to get wet and happy!

A central location in the city of Falun

The catchment area is a 3 h drive; about 3.5 million people. Dalarna is Sweden's 4th biggest tourist region with 250 000 guest nights June to August.