A visit to the genius park in Pinkston, Glasgow



CEO Bo-Marcus Lidström made a visit to Glasgow to visit the neat whitewater park built there 2014. Andy Laird, a former paddler, is the genius who invented Rapid
Blocs. That’s the movable obstacles used for parks all over the world. For the park in Glasgow he invented a whitewater park made of prefab concrete . The course was delivered as flat package like a book shelf from IKEA. It kept down costs, construction time, while  guaranteeing a very high quality.

Besides very informative meetings, it was also very valuable to see the venue live, feel the atmosphere and discuss improvements. There was an impressive amount of activities going on in spite of being the last weekend in October. The site is a former industrial area, which thanks to the whitewater park starts to come to life and to be cleaned up.

Take a look on these films, whats it’s about!

Drone film from above from Pinkston, Glasgow

About the construction


Isak advances to semifinal in the Olympics in Rio!


Proudly we announce that Isak Öhrström from Falun succeded to progress into the semifinals in the Rio Olympics. It is a major achievement. Top ten advances to the final from the semifinals. Semifinals and finals on wednesday the 10th of August.

Isak is closely associated to Falun Whitewater Park. He is scanning every whitewater park around the globe where he trains, picking up ideas to further refine our plans in every detail.