Taking whitewater parks to a new level

The dream was born. In 1991 the pre-olympic games for canoe slalom was held in La Seu D'Urgell. They had built an incredible whitewater park in the centre of the town. I still remember how amazing it was coming there as an athlete, because until then, most races was held on natural rivers in remote places. This was truly revolutionary. They even had a lift for paddlers to get back to the top of the course. This was a big moment and I understood this was the future for whitewater sports.

From my experience with commercial rafting on the natural rivers of Sweden, it was striking how much more effective you could make it on man-made whitewater. No time consuming shuttle-rides, no carrying of the rafts, no draught or floods. This was a huge game changer!

Imagine the time when there were no lifts or prepared slopes for alpine skiing. It was only the most extreme skiers who would climb the mountains and make the rides. The introduction of lifts and slopes made it possible for almost anybody to experience alpine skiing. This is the same!

Since the Barcelona Olympic Games many courses have been built around the world. Many of them offer great whitewater for both tourists and athletes. But there is still room for improvement

Our vision is beyond what is existing today. We want to design, own and operate the course as a single company with one coherent plan with a clear goal – make whitewater sports grow!

Bo-Marcus Lidström, CEO

Falun Whitewater Park